A’mari Threatens Sting Organisers With Lawsuit; Says Ban Stopping Her Dream of Becoming Dancehall Queen at 53YO

Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 11:34 AM GMT-5

Sting promoters labelled as dream crushers by social media personality A’mari, who says she was banned from the event, she also threatened to take legal action against Reggae Sting. The claim follows on the heels of her expressing her sorrow over not being featured in Sting’s 2023 lineup, despite all the effort she had put in last year’s staging.

While it is suspected that her 2022 comedic and drama-filled performance with Queenie is the reason why she was not called back for this year’s show, A’mari believes that the event organisers blacklisted her to prevent her from becoming the next Dancehall Queen.

This was, in brief, what she said when she took to Instagram with a video of her confronting Sting. The rant she shared on her page began with her speaking about her dreams of becoming the dancehall queen after giving years of her life to her children.


“All these years mi siddung wid mi pickney dem, Heavy D, and raise dem… And now mi just wah to be me, and now mi just wah mi dream come true fi be Dancehall Queen 2023. Why yah f*ck wid mi dreams? Why yah f*ck wid mi dreams, Heavy D? Yuh mek mi wah fi walk out a dancehall,” she said in the video, which depicted her wearing blond hair and a military uniform.

In addition, the 53-year-old entertainer expressed that, despite her age, her dream still lives on. With her heart set on becoming the biggest female artiste in dancehall, A’mari indicated that she did not even allow her menstruation to stop her from performing at last year’s staging of Sting.

The video was captioned with a note that read, “A’mari lawsuit – A’mari “DJ Mona-Lisa” VS Reggae Sting. The plaintiff claims that the promoters have banned her from reggae sting in order to stop her from becoming dancehall queen.”

Watch the video of A’mari below:

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