Bag Containing US$30,000 Found on Train and Returned to Owner – Video

A commuter accidentally left a bag containing US$30,000 on a crowded Long Island Rail Road train, but the bag was fortunately returned after a good Samaritan handed it over to a detective.

It is uncommon for someone to leave a large sum of money on a train floor, but that was exactly how Assistant Conductor Christopher Nocito found the forgotten bag.

Footage of Nocito retrieving the bag from the floor was shared online. The newly released footage also shows Nocito browsing the inside of the bag.

The video of the incident, which occurred after the holidays late last year, was captured by a surveillance camera inside the train.

The bag was ultimately taken to the MTA Police Detective Kristin Riker. Along with the money, Detective Riker found a book of upcoming appointments, prompting an investigation to locate the owner of the bag.

In an interview shared by ABC7, Detective Riker mentioned noticing an appointment for a car inspection, leading her to contact the mechanic.

“I actually sent their mechanic a picture of this person … he helped me identify who it was, and that got the ball rolling to contact Long Island Railroad lost and found and reach out to this person so they can get their bag,” she stated.

After observing the news one person jokingly commented, “Guy who lost the money: “you won’t believe what happened… I lost all the drug money and the MTA and the Police returned it to me.”

Watch the video of the incident below:

Read some of the comments the video garnered below:

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