Chronixx Says He “Miss” Reggae Music But Won’t “Rush Creativity!”

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 8:24 AM GMT-5

As Reggae fans patiently await new music from Chronixx, they are reminded that the Spanish Town native won’t be ‘rushing’ to release new music soon. Chronixx whose real name is Jamar Rolando McNaughton released his last single over two years ago, a song titled ‘Never Give Up‘.

The lyrics of the song and title ‘Never Give Up’ is seemingly an effort to shed some light on an internal fight that he’s battling, it also serves as an inspiration to others that, no matter the struggle, they should not give up, “promise me you’ll never give up”.

Back in February of this year, McNaughton called out streaming platform Spotify for allowing unauthorised uploads of music to his official account by little-known artistes hoping to capitalise off of his name and musicians like him.

Chronixx‘ latest post on social media which was made over the weekend was done to highlight that he’s been targeted by personnel who are using Gmail account to negotiate shows on his behalf.

He shared the following text to his IG story, “I don’t negotiate shows from @gmail accounts. Be careful. I’m also not negotiating any shows atm. Be careful again. Big up to the reggae music fans worldwide…”

He concluded the statement by revealing, “I miss the vibe still i can’t rush creativity! love.”

Aside from not releasing new music, Chronixx has also been absent from performances locally with his last major performance on the island being years ago. He also has not been promoting his music online.

Notably, Chronixx‘s last advertised show on his Facebook page which has over 1.9 million likes, dates back to 2022, a show called City Splash.

His last local public appearance was at the National Stadium in Kingston where he mingled and spoke with the Reggae Boyz ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers and Copa America.


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