Deno Crazy Treats Windshield Wipers With Christmas Outfits that Cost $150,000 – Watch Video

Monday, December 25, 2023, 4:13 PM GMT-5

This Christmas has brought a glimmer of light and happiness to a group of windshield wipers, who were blessed with gifts from popular social media influencer Deno Crazy. The Thunda deejay, legally named Andre Dixon, gave back to some of his less fortunate fans in a beautiful way by taking several youths who were hard at work on the streets on a shopping trip that cost him $150,000.

The heartwarming moment was documented and shared on the influencer’s YouTube channel in a sixteen-minute-long video. In the video, viewers can see Deno planning his surprise for the group of youths who earned their wages by wiping car windshields at the stoplight.


“Today we a do something good because listen [it’s] a time a love, time a share, time a give,” Deno expressed shortly before hopping into a ride to seek out the windshield wipers with his team.

He also said, “A nuh every body deh deh fi yuh enuh. Cherish di people dem weh deh deh fi yuh and weh love yuh and support yuh, bro, because when yuh dung nuh body nuh deh deh fi yuh.”

After driving for some time, Deno and his associates spotted the youngsters who were excited to see him. Not long after, they were seated in the back of Deno’s accompanying vehicle, embarking on a journey to an apparel store, where they were granted the opportunity to select the item of clothing they desired.

Additionally, Deno expressed the overwhelming happiness he felt at giving back and being able to show fans his appreciation. It was also indicated that other supporters might also be recipients in Deno’s gift-giving journey.

Watch the video of Deno Crazy below:

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