Dionne Jackson Miller Interviews Chief Richard Currie About Maroons Treaty Saga

TVJ’s Dionne Jackson Miller journeyed to the Accompong Village in St Elizabeth where she spoke with the maroon Chief Richard Currie.

This was in light of the controversies that have been brewing between the Maroons and the government over the past couple of months, with controversial sentiments being echoed by both the chief and the prime minister.

In the interview given to the current affairs program ‘All Angles’ hosted by Miller, the chief responded to a question of if the Maroons saw themselves as Jamaicans by saying that the Maroons see themselves as the indigenous or the first inhabitants of the land.

When pressed on the matter of whether the Maroons saw themselves as citizens of Jamaicans in this present time and era, Currie responded by saying that after carefully studying the dynamics of how history and time collaborated, history has left them with the understanding that there was a treaty signed between two sovereign nations, the British and though he doesn’t state the other nation he alludes to them being the maroons.

The chief continued that they have always been free people who lived off the land and have blossomed from the land that their ancestors fought to protect.

Watch the full interview below.

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