“Please We Are Asking For Proper Dialogue” Chief Currie Talks Of Divide Among The Maroons – Video

The leader of the Maroons in Jamaica, Chief Richard Currie took to social media recently to give an update on the latest happenings in Accompong, St. Elizabeth.

According to Currie, he met with multiple kernels last Sunday to plan steps towards “peaceful” communication between the Maroons and the Government of Jamaica for a “diplomatic” resolution, however, at the meeting, he was made aware that the Government is willing to talk to Maroon leaders but Chief Currie must not be present.

As a result of this latest development, there has been a divide inside the Maroon community as to what steps to make going forward which is causing more complications to the situation.

Currie outlines that his main intention is to preserve the land occupied by the Maroons for hundreds of years that is currently being threatened by mining entities.

Check out his full speech below.

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