Maroons Demand Apology From Andrew Holness

One of the things that the new chief of the Accompong Maroons, Richard Currie is well respected for is his commanding ability to communicate his point of fighting for his people to the end.

According to his followers, he has a drive and passion that would almost make him seem like a reincarnation of their historical leader Kojo, who fought off the British army and eventually signed a peace treaty with them that gave them political and land sovereignty.

With the recent outrage of the Prime Minister against the indigenous group, the Maroon leader decided that he would not be stepping aside to allow words of misrepresentation being thrown out in the air which refutes the sovereignty of his people and stepped up to their defence by drawing for actual proof of their autonomy which he read out a few days ago on his Instagram account.

Today again, Currie has decided to spice things up even more with a screenshot of a 2019 Facebook post made by Andrew Holness, which saw him acknowledging the Maroons as having their “sovereign nation” and also validating the treaty signed between them and the British, to end the brutal wars that were taking place at the time, to gain control over the island.

In the screenshot of the post, it could be seen where the Prime Minister outlined that the treaty was signed by two sovereign nations, which led Currie to highlight in the caption of his Instagram post that the leader of the Jamaican Government is only saying things to impress the people to look glamorous when it is convenient, based on his recent comments.

The chief of the Accompong Maroons explained that the reality is that the Prime Minister knows that the Maroons are sovereign as he made his statements about their autonomy in 2019, in the presence of the British High Commissioner, Governor-General, and the Maroon people.

Currie went on to explain in his post that the Maroons are not criminals and are not members of a gang however, as facts he outlined that the Prime Minister is not a King of a monarchy, but only a member of the Queen’s court in a country with a constitutional monarchy as their Government. With that said, the chief of the Accompong Maroons stated that it is clear that Jamaica is not a Unitary Sovereign State, contradictory to what Andrew Holness said in his recent conference when asked about the relationship that the Government has with the indigenous group.

To conclude, Currie stated that the Maroons are demanding an apology for what was said about their sovereignty, while he brought up the point that communication to diplomacy is like blood to the human body.


Check out Currie’s post below.

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