Dovey Magnum Asks for Prayers in Tears

November 2, 2023 3:47 PM

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum seems to be going through a difficult time in her life, as she went on a live stream requesting prayers. The singjay was distressed and even in tears when she reached out to fans for prayers regarding the spiritual warfare that she is said to be experiencing.

It is alleged that Dovey, born Simsky Kimberly Hamilton, is a victim of witchcraft and has been struggling due to the malicious actions of her enemies. This was revealed in a live stream, which shows Dovey speaking to a woman who is said to be a prophetess.



A series of screen recordings from Dovey’s TikTok live have been making the rounds. Some of the videos were titled, “dovey magnum ask for prayer cause dem ah obeah her.”

In one of the clips, the Bawl Out artiste spoke about a glass that contained water suddenly shattering. This unexpected incident is what drove Dovey to tears, seemingly feeling that something was happening in her life since the glass shattered before she could drink it.

There was another glass of water in front of her on a counter, and the prophetess, who goes by the username Honeysha, encouraged Dovey to drink it.

“Drink the water; you will feel different… Drink the water and see how your energy start to change,” she instructed.

While Dovey did as she was told, Honeysha prayed over her life. Shortly after, Dovey started vomiting, and Honeysha urged her to let it all out. After praying some more, Honeysha instructed Dovey to cover her head, which she did.


Later that night, she spoke about what happened, saying that the prophetess was able to tell her about past events in her life.

Watch the videos of Dovey Magnum below:






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