Driver Lies in Distress as Looters Empty Crashed Truck – Watch Video

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 12:46 PM GMT-5

A truck driver who was travelling along Willliamfield Highway Tuesday morning was involved in an accident that resulted in the truck overturning across the concrete median barrier.

There was no fatality, but the Wisynco driver was seen seemingly in pain in a video that captured the scene after the crash. It is speculated that after the crash, civilians reportedly moved the driver away from the wrecked truck and then swarmed the truck to loot its contents.


The video shows that the driver was in distress, with a few people near him, it also shows several people making away with items from the truck and rummaging through the items inside. During the video, people were heard expressing their shock that others were more concerned with looting the truck than aiding the driver.

Watch the video of the incident below:

After the footage was shared on Instagram, most IG users also expressed their disdain for those who were not helping the truck driver.

One individual commented, “Yow mi fraid a Jamaican people enuh. No care in di world to rhatid. Imagine the bredda deh one side in a pain and all dem people deh care bout a Fi loot di goods. Yowwwwww 😮.”

Another stated, ‘I AM SIMPLY DISGUSTED WITH HOW CALLOUS AND DISTASTEFUL HUMANS HAVE BECOME. Esp us Jamaicans. We weren’t like this😔 Speedy recovery to those injured.”

Among the comments of the other IG users who sided with the looters, was one comment that read, “Weh ey people dem fi do afta dem ano doctor lol😂.”

Read more of the comments below:

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