Fight Between Staff Member and Guests at Hotel in Montego Bay Caught on Camera – Watch Video

This video is currently making rounds on the Internet, it shows the moment a staff member of a popular hotel in Montego Bay got into a physical fight with two guests of the hotel.

While it’s unclear what started the dispute, at first, the video shows an argument between several persons at a table, liquor was seemingly thrown on the staff member followed by a female walking off in the direction of the restaurant with a cup in hand.

The disgruntled guest was followed by the staff member and as soon as the female in staff clothes got close to the guest, she shoved the guest in the head back after briefly holding on to her hair. The guest stumbled forward and managed to break her fall, however, she retaliated by taking up a yellow plastic caution sign and using it to hit the staff member.

All hell broke loose after that as both females became entangled with each other while trading blows. A third female joined in to help the guest in the fight. See what happened next in the video.

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Watch the incident below:

See some reactions to the brawl below:

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