Yard Fight Ends Quickly via Knock-Out! – Watch Video

A fight ended as soon as it began when one man fired a KO at his opponent seconds after promising him that he would not hurt him.

A video depicting the brief yard fight emerged online, showing two upset black men getting ready to throw fists over an incident that occurred before the camera started rolling.

One man urged the other to come at him, saying, “I ain’t gon’ hurt yah, amma just hurt your feelings.”

He positioned himself as the man got closer, and they swung at each other, but only his strike was successful. After that, the second man started to retreat, quickly ready to surrender.

However, with the man urging him to take his best shot, the fellow was tricked into stepping up to the man a second time. This was when the man knocked him out with one punch to the face, leading to him falling onto the pavement.

Watch the video of the fight below:

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