Footage of Police Arresting 14YO Who Reportedly Killed His Mother and Shot Stepfather – Watch Video

“I don’t want to hurt you bro I do not want to shoot you, put it down,” an officer stated as he attempted to arrest the fourteen-year-old who is suspected to have killed his mother and shot his stepfather several times.

According to Hillsborough County deputies, it is believed that the teen fatally shot his mother and then shot his stepfather leaving him in a critical condition. The 14-year-old reportedly pointed a gun at his own head while police were on the scene, moments before he was arrested.



His mother’s body was found in the driveway of their home.

The bigger brother of the 14-year-old said he witnessed the fatal shooting of their mother which happened during an argument.

The incident took place last Saturday.

Watch the incident below:


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