Footage Shows Groom Apparently Drunk While Getting Married – Watch Video

Saturday, February 10, 2024, 9:46 AM GMT-5

It is typical for grooms to have an exhilarating time at their bachelor parties, but one particular groom has gone viral for seemingly extending the festivities into his wedding day.

A video has surfaced of a wedding featuring a drunk groom who had to receive extra support to make it through the ceremony.

The footage shows the unsteady groom receiving support to stand next to his bride during the ceremony.

The man who kept the groom on his feet with a strong arm can be seen holding his hand to allow the bride to place the wedding ring on his finger.

After the ring was placed on his, cheers erupted.

Next, the groom escapes his supporter’s grasp. He then staggers towards a nearby table and chair when the supporter catches him as he is seemingly about to fall to the ground.

Watch the video of the estranged groom below:

This viral video, which was shared on X on Friday, amassed over 9.6 million views and attracted mixed responses.

Read some of the comments below:

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