Jah Cure Says “I Was Just Trying To Defend Myself”, He Will Return To Court In March

Reggae singer Jah cure appeared in an Amsterdam court earlier today to answer to the charges that have been laid against him with regards to the stabbing of promoter Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake.

The St. James singer appeared with his attorney in court as the proceedings went on for about two hours. As reported by a popular daily newspaper in Amsterdam, Cure explained to the judge his side of the incident and outlined that his actions were a result of him defending himself, he stated, “I was just trying to defend myself, otherwise a knife would have landed in my own stomach.”

On the other hand, his lawyer told the court, “My client has indicated several times that the man should keep his distance.” He continued, “he was scared and stuck out in self-defence. There was immediate danger. He couldn’t move. Running away was also not an option, because then he would have had a knife in his back,” said the lawyer.

The incident was not caught on camera and only witness statements will be presented with regards to the stabbing incident, Cure’s lawyer stated, “I think it is the first and last violent incident that took place on Dam Square and was not recorded by cameras. We have to make do with witness statements.”

Jah Cure will remain in lockup until his next court date which is set for March 8, 55 days from now, the trial is also expected to start on that date.

Other reports stated that the Prosecutor is now waiting on the results of a digital investigation that was carried out on Jah Cure’s phone. The public prosecutor allegedly also requested and currently waiting on information from the Jamaican authorities about Cure’s prior convictions.

Jah Cure’s charges include attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Jah Cure whose real name is Siccature Alcock has been behind bars since October of 2021 and has now spent more than 8 weeks behind the bars of a Netherlands Jail.

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