Jamaica – One Of The Most Iconic Nations In The World

There are so many things to say about Jamaica the fourth-largest island country in the Caribbean, it is located south of Cuba, west of Haiti and east of the Cayman Islands.

The island is divided into 14 parishes and the capital Kingston is the busiest part of the country, followed by Montego-Bay and then Mandeville. The island is divided into 3 different Counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, however, they have no administrative significance, showing that the country still has a residue of British rule.

The three international airports on the island are Sangster’s International, Norman Manley International and Boscobel’s Ian Flemming International, named after the famous writer who wrote the James Bond movies when he got his inspiration at that end of the country. The Prime Minister at the time when the airport was being named, believed Jamaica was put on the map because of what Flemming did. 

There are many small islands and islets around Jamaica, about 30 keys and sandbanks protruding from the sea lining the shores, the largest one is Goat Island.

One thing about Jamaica and its charm is the very special places you will find there. Places with very strange names, such as Broke Neck Gully, Rest and Be Thankful, See mi No More Time and Patience, Wait a Bit, Mi No sen Yu No Com and others, as Jamaican’s won’t over complicate anything, they call things as they see them.

Jamaica still has Maroon villages there, as there were slaves who escaped and developed their own little villages or free societies on the island. They hold a slight autonomous and separate role from the rest of the Jamaicans, they hold on to ancient African traditions and live a bit different from the rest of the population on the island.

dunns river falls st ann
Dunns River Falls

Other places on the island that are outstanding beauty spots that many people talk about are Dunns River Falls, Glistening waters with organisms that light up, Sunken Pirate City, the Bob Marley Museum, Kool Runnings water park, Mystic Mountains, Bob Sledding in Ocho Rios, Dolphin Cove, Zipline adventures, Windsors Fire Spring, Martha Brae River with bamboo rafts, River Tubing, Reggae Beach, Mountain River Cave with Taino and Arawak paintings and others as Jamaica is thriving with many natural wonders.


The island is small but it is loaded with magical natural treasures. It is lying in an area in the Caribbean sea that is elevated hence the water is shallow. Jamaica has the 7th largest Natural harbour in the world, the Kingston Harbor. The country is about 52 miles wide, 146 miles long, there are many valleys and plains.

The Cockpit Country is located in the middle of the island where most natural plants, water and wild lives are found.

The longest river is the Black River and the tallest mountain is found in the Blue Mountain Peak.

The island is home to many hot, mineral springs Blue Hole Bubbling Springs, the Blue Lagoon natural mineral springs etc.

Sugar cane and banana were what Jamaica was used for by the colonizers but many other crops are grown there now.

Ackee and Saltfish,(the national dish)  Manish wata, Guizada, Rice and Peas, Jerk Chicken, Steam Calaloo are other notable Jamaican dishes.


Cannabis is internationally recognized as a part of the Jamaican culture, Ganja, was brought to Jamaica from India by the indentured servants, where it got the name Ganja. It was illegal for many years until the country’s leaders changed the laws and allowed people to have a small amount of it. Rastafarians are allowed to use it for religious purposes.

Jamaica’s people are few but they are world-renowned in many ways.


The motto “Out of Many One People” attributes to the unity between all the different races and different cultural ways that make them who they are today. Jamaica’s population is primarily made up of Caucasian’s, Chinese, Africans and Indians. Most Jamaicans are of African descent, all Jamaicans speak with the same accent even though they have different skin colours.

Persons drive on the left side of the road which shows that the remnant of English rule is still evident on the island. Jamaica is still a member of the Commonwealth.

The Jamaican culture has made the biggest impact in the world when compared to all the other nations in the Caribbean.

Queen Elizabeth still remains the head of State. The Jamaican dollar is their currency as Jamaica has been independent since 1962.

Jamaica Churches to Ban Shaking of Hands in fear of COVID-19

Christianity has played a huge role in Jamaica as Jamaica has more churches per square mile than any other place in the world.

Rastafarianism is represented by about 5% of the population, it started in Jamaica in the late 1930’s they believe Haile Selassie was the second messiah.

Jamaica’s music is one thing that makes Jamaica stand out and unique when compared to other countries around the world. Starting in the 1950s with Mento, Ska and Rock Steady to Reggae and Dancehall. 

Music is the fuel for Jamaican’s and people all around the world put the island in high regard because of the Tallawah charm and laid back attitude that everyone admires. Jamaica’s music influenced America’s Hip Hop, Reggaeton and other genres in other places as well.

Bob Marley is played everywhere around the world as he is seen as arguably the greatest musician in history.


Sports, Jamaica manages to dominate in sports just as much as they have dominated in music, Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world is arguably the greatest athlete the world has ever seen.

Tessanne Chin who won the Voice is a Chinese Jamaican and that was a big deal. Jamaicans don’t want to be taken over by debt so they are eyeing the Chinese investment on the island with a certain amount of suspicion even though they like the business.

We can’t talk about this outstanding island without mentioning Louise Bennet, she has caused people from all over the world to fall in love with Patois. The poem about the time the Circus came to Kingston and a Lion escaped from its cage is a classic. 

Patois is the Jamaican language, even though the official language is English, so technically there are two languages spoken there. It doesn’t have an official standardized format, it is different in places across the island apart from words like Waa Gwaan, tallawah, pikney, Duppy, Big up, Irie and in order to emphasize anything words are repeated such as Passa Passa, licky licky, picky picky etc.

Jamaicans will give their friends a nickname based on how you look or what you do, for example, the person who sells food will be called Foody, You like the broom your name is broomy.

What Jamaican’s are best at is slowing down and taking life easy when things are going crazy, that is why so many people see Jamaica as the place they like to go when they want to relax and chill.

Jamaicans love Ethiopia, especially the Rastafarians, but they also like the USA, Canada and the UK these countries have the largest Jamaican diaspora.

Jamaica is placed high on Tourism publicity.

Jamaica has close ties to Cuba as they have been getting scholarships and other forms of help to Jamaica for decades.

The only Caribbean nation with an active Hockey Team that also participates in the winter Olympics. There are other outstanding Jamaicans like Asafa Powell, Merlene Ottey, Elaine Thompson-Herah, Michael Lee-Chin, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, Grace Jones, Damian Marley, Patrick Ewing, Portia Simpson- Miller, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Mary Seacole, Sean Kingston, Marcus Garvey, Naomi Campbell, Louise Simone Bennett and Nanny of the Maroons.

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