The Life of Some of Jamaica’s Most Dangerous Gang Members “Bwoy Affi Dead Back!” – Watch Video

Monday, December 18, 2023, 2:29 PM GMT-5

This riveting documentary gave viewers a look at the typical life of gang members in Jamaica. In areas where most ordinary Jamaicans fear and are not permitted to go, the presenter of the documentary travelled seemingly freely to interview armed confessed killers.

The first stop was in Downtown Kingston, where the presenter sat down with an unremorseful contract/serial killer known as Blacks, he detailed how he became a hardened killer, who dropped his first body at the age of 12.

“Me grow up inna badness and me born and see bay gun round me and me haffi just guaan live wid them,” he declared. He also said he doesn’t have any plan to stop killing until all his enemies are dead.

When asked what was the gang war about, in which he is an active participant, Blacks stated, “Me born come see it and we just guaan continue it, dem a kill out we love one, we brother dem, we friend dem a kill out, weh we fi do? Nuh tek it up pon we head man.”

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The second stop was an undisclosed location in the corporate area. Three gang members met with the presenter in an area they described as being very volatile, as it had a political dynamic added to it. According to one of the gang members who had their faces blurred, it was mainly because of the current ruling party, that criminality was so high in the community.

As the footage continues to roll, the presenter ends up in the location which the two gang members he met with call a “time bomb”, Spanish Town. Covered with two masks on their faces, they gave a vivid view of the life of gang members, they also explained the complexity of gang politics and how to become a don.

“All depends, you have to born and grow inna area and yuh deh inna the area and yuh respect dew, people can look up to and seh well this man yah fit fi run the place or from the Councillor give yuh the don or the MP seh, well a him a the don.”

He continued by describing what day-to-day life was like for them, “We nuh waa inna bush every day a live bush life, caa get nuh good night sleep, we caa nevin rest inna we bed in peace cause wah? We haffi a look outta we eye, we nah live comfortable, we not even a eat proper.”

A gang leader from Spanish Town highlighted that the gang war won’t stop anytime soon because “Bwoy affi dead back”.

See the video below:

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