Janet Jackson Claims Michael Jackson Would Body-Shame Her Growing Up

 Janet Jackson’s two-part documentary premiered Friday, January 28 on Lifetime and then premiered Saturday, January 29. The documentary, titled JANET, gave persons a closer look at the life of one of America’s iconic singers. The second part of the series revealed the challenges she had with her weight over the years.
Jackson, who is now 55-year-old, confessed that she was an “emotional eater” so she would oftentimes eat to relax during stressful times. She shared that her weight issues began when she was being cast on Good Times. This was when her perception of how she looked changed. Janet was an early bloomer, developing breasts at a young age, and she recalled that they would bind it to give her a more flat chest appearance.
In the midst of her struggles with her body, Janet claimed that her late brother, Michael Jackson, who died at age 50 in 2009, would tease her by name-calling. Janet explained that even though she understood why he did it being that brothers teased sisters and sisters teased brothers all the time, his words had still hurt. A few of the names he allegedly called her are a pig, horse, slaughter hog and cow.
The documentary dug deep into Janet’s relationship with her brother and shined a light on the most private parts of her life for the first time. The five-time Grammy-winner had spoken about the joy she felt for her brother’s legacy in June 2019 to The Sunday Times, which was when she expressed that she’s thankful for the impact that her family had on the world.
For the first time after being blacklisted, Janet also addressed the incident that took place with Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. This was when Timberlake exposed her breast on the live broadcast.



Justin Timberlake had spoken out about what happened in an Instagram post in February 2021 saying that he was sorry if his actions created a problem for others. He acknowledged that he fell short in many areas, and he benefited from a system that “condones misogyny and racism”.

He pointed out that he was especially apologetic towards Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, both of whom he respects and care for. The situation with Britney Spears was of course the past relationship they had, which was revealed in her documentary titled “Framing Britney Spears”.
Timberlake also went on to comment on the flaws of the industry which ensures that men, particularly white men, were successful. He told people that he would do better and would not use the downfall of others for his own benefit.

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