JPS high Bills are Justified says OUR

Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 8:17 AM

OUR (Office of Utilities Regulations) tells us that the billing procedures are largely tailored to the needs of the customers despite complaints of the customers.

It was exposed in the audit of the JPS billing practices, the key results of which were unveiled a couple days ago.


The Office of Utilities Regulations says that consumers have recently experienced higher-than-expected electricity bills, which are mostly explained by consumption.

The OUR confirmed in the audit for April-May period when the average electricity bills for residential consumers increased compared to the January-March quarter.

Though, fewer bills were documented for small business accounts.

According to the regulator, residential accounts grew by an average of more than 24%, while small business accounts declined by an average of just under 3%.

Inhabitants of Portmore in Kingston, St. Andrew and St. James, and St Catherine saw the most increase at more than 1960$, 1494$, and 2000$ respectively.

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According to the OUR, the conclusions of Portmore appear to align with the effect of a Stay at Home Order, which was issued for the parish of St. Catherine in the duration.

Although, according to the Office of Utilities Regulations, most consumption is an important explanatory factor for the increase of the bill.

It states that it was not unexpected, as more people, including children, were staying at home when schools were ordered to remain closed.

However, it says there are other possible reasons for the increase in the bill.

A couple months ago Jamaican producer Skatta too to Instagram to share his JPS issues, “JPS wicked dem wick’d dem wick’d wah know why dem suh wicked how dem suh wicked but i know the bugga dem wicked” Sings Skatta.

See his video posted online below.

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