JPS Owes 65 Million To Chicken Farm Business Owner For Trespassing

A woman by the name of Rosemarie Samuels seems to be the target of JPS following a successful 12-year battle that saw the public service company owing her 65 million dollars in damages.

The issue started when Rosemarie bought a property in Rhymesbury, Clarendon where she had decided to start a chicken farm.


She did happen to start her business but was stuck after some time as there was JPS equipment on the property hindering infrastructural development.

According to the legislation, the power company should have gotten permission from Samuels, who was the new owner of the property regardless of previous arrangements.

On these grounds, JPS was charged to compensate Rosemarie with 65 million dollars with a 3 percent interest per year as well as 1.5 million in damages with 3 percent interest per annum.

On the JPS side of things, their legal team stated that the company is allowed to initiate negotiations with landowners in instances such as Samuel’s, which they said had taken place from 1995.

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Rosemarie who is now 58, stated that the court process has been very tedious with her being drained from it.

She also mentioned that the heavy rains make things even more difficult.

The elderly woman attested to being held back in business, at least by four years, and even lost out on a partnership with Jamaica Broilers due to the inability to expand because of JPS.

Samuel’s Lawyer Sean Kinghorn, told The Gleaner that the case could be lengthened to another three years due to JPS persistence to appeal the case.

Kinghorn, acknowledges that the situation is an offence to justice since the case took 12 years.

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