Kai Cenat and Adin Ross Arrive in Jamaica – Watch Videos

After announcing recently that they wish to visit the island, Kai Cenat and Adin Ross, two of the most prominent figures in the streaming and content creation world have landed in Jamaica. Both have amassed millions of followers on platforms such as Twitch and are followed by many Jamaicans.

On Friday Kai Cenat shared a video online, letting everyone know that he’s in Jamaica, on the other hand, another video also surfaced online of fellow streamer Adin Ross hanging out with producer Rvssian in Jamaica.


After arriving on the island, Kai was very excited about his trip as shown in the video below of himself showing off his crew and shouting, “bomboclaat”. “Wi deh a yaad my youth.,” he also stated at one point.

Kai Cenat is a relative newcomer who started streaming in February 2021 and has experienced rapid growth, becoming one of the top streamers with a significant number of subscribers and followers, notably over 9 million followers on Instagram.

He is known for his “Just Chatting” streams and has a background in creating comedy skits and pranks he recently featured Nicki Minaj and also Tyla on his stream, both of which went viral. Despite being newer to the streaming scene, by late 2022, he had become the most subscribed English channel on Twitch at that time.

On the other hand, Adin Ross also tried to match Kai’s enthusiasm by spitting a “bomboclaat” of his own which brought Rvssian to laughter. “Yes Jamaica we here!” he also shouted.

Adin Ross has been on Twitch longer than Kai, starting with NBA 2k19 streams in 2018. He’s known for his speed-dating streams and collaborations with other creators, he recently had a stream with Chris Brown that went viral.

Their influence extends beyond the streaming community. For instance, Rick Ross, recently praised both Adin Ross and Kai Cenat for their contributions to the culture and expressed interest in collaborating with them in the future.

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