Kamla Forbes Shares Details On Melissa Silvera Murder Case And Denies Involvement in a Cover-Up – Watch Interview

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 8:37 AM

Veteran PNP activist and long-time family friend of the Silveras, Kamla Forbes, gives details on what the scene was like after the death of Melissa Silvera, as well as some inside information surrounding the murder case.

Kamla revealed that she found out about her long-time friend’s death via social media, which left her dumbfounded and in grief. She outlined that she first heard of Melissa’s cause of death through circulating rumours that she killed herself because she was cheated on.


Kamla also disclosed that she visited the residency of Melissia following her death, which she describes as a ‘dead yard’ looking scene, Kamla, however, denied seeing her body before it was removed from the crime scene.

Subsequently, other news sources reported that Melissa was allegedly killed by gunshot wounds, which led to rumours implicating Kamla in a cover-up of Melissia’s death. Kamla explained that the rumours of her involvement grew from a blog she did about the incident and persons suggesting that she was also a medical student.

Jolyan Silvera and Melissa Silvera

Kamla denied the assertions by stating, “First of all, am not a make-up artiste, I don’t dress bodies, am not a embalmer right. The first rumour that started was that I am the one that pronounced her dead because am studying medicine, am not studying medicine, and I cannot, only a medical doctor can pronounce somebody dead.”

She also outlined that persons manipulated what she said in a previous statement to make it seem as if she assisted with Melissa’s murder cover-up. Kamla revealed that she reached out to the police following the rumours implicating her to clear her name.

As Kamla continued her interview with Shelly-Ann Curran, she was asked if Jolyan Silvera had killed Melissa. She responded stating, “Me caa tell yuh that, I don’t know, I don’t know, it looks so, but am not going to sit here and say yes, because I want it to go to court and I want it to go through the process.”

Watch the Interview below:


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