KFC Fight: Employees Battle Behind the Counter – Watch Video

This is the latest video to surface online of a physical altercation taking place in one of Jamaica’s KFCs.

In most cases, the fights or arguments are between customers and staff members, however, this time around the fight was between at least two employees.


While the video does not show much, it shows the females throwing thumps at each other. The footage also shows several employees trying to break up the fight as customers laugh and comment on the matter.

The video was seemingly recorded by a customer and then shared online. One person, not so happy with the quality of the footage, commented, “Kmt 🙄 den dem coulda keep dis ina dem camera roll cuz di caption cover di whole fight.”

Another Instagram user asked, “How it sound like queenie ina thr back ground suh ?”

Watch the footage below:

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