KFC Price Reductions

Friday, September 2, 2022, 4:15 PM GMT-5

Much to the satisfaction of KFC lovers, a price reduction on selected menus will see consumers paying less for some of their meals, as was announced today by Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ).

The announcement of the price cuts was made on social media, informing customers that the prices for Big Deal, Meal Deal, and Chicken Box menu items were all reduced. However, the reduction did not apply to other menu items such as Zingers, Hot Wings, Popcorn Chicken, or Krispers.

The corporation also did not specify the precise dollar amount of the price reductions that will take effect.

According to Jamaica Observer, ROJ stated that the price reduction was brought on by Jamaica Broilers, its supplier, recently lowering its price. ROJ added that the price cut from Jamaica Boilers, which was described as “minimal”, was welcomed as a step in the right direction, and they “look forward to more reductions as the global market continues to stabilise.”

ROJ pledged that it will “continue to monitor the local and global supply developments and will continue sharing benefits of supplier price cuts with our customers.”

KFC stated that it is pleased to provide comfort to its customers, especially at a time when inflation has become a concern.

Customers have threatened to boycott KFC in recent months as prices at the popular fast-food restaurant continued to rise, drawing criticism.

Prior to the outbreak, a KFC Big Deal cost around $800 but has since risen to $1245.

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