Minister Marion Hall Tells “Attention Seekers” to Stay off Her Page with Rumours – Watch Video

Minister Marion Hall has warned all attention seekers and rumour-mongers against using her platform for malicious intentions. The warning stemmed from the circulating rumours that Dancehall Queen Spice was in a coma after her plastic surgery went wrong in the Dominican Republic. Word of Spice’s allegedly deteriorating health spread like wildfire on social media, with many people sending prayers.

Minister Hall, who also prayed for the entertainer during one of her Facebook live sessions, apparently felt like she had been tricked. The minister pointed out that someone had informed her of Spice’s alleged medical condition and requested her to pray for the musician. Initially, she was doubtful, but she received several calls saying it was true, which is why she went ahead and prayed for the dancehall star, despite their differences. However, when she did her own investigations, she found that the stories were false.

“I went on as you see, and I prayed because I seriously didn’t know something was really going on about her. But then I called some people who would’ve known, and these were credible people, and I say, ‘what’s going on,’ but then nobody could confirm this,” she stated. While adding that even though she knew there were many risks when doing surgery, she discovered that the information she received was misleading. “Am praying for this lady and her family, and I saw that, ok this is a trick, it’s a set-up,” she said.

She continued by saying, “You know what people, you need to sit down and seriously look at yourself. You seem like you don’t have a life, and you love attention so much, you’re attention seekers, and you come out seeking attention for what reason, I don’t know. But next time you want to come out with your rumours and try to make me a part of it and use my name to say I am spreading this rumour, find another page.” She subsequently stressed that she was not the one who started the rumour and warned them to stay off her page.

Sources close to the Clock Work artiste have denied the stories, and even Spice’s close friend, Richie Feelings, briefly spoke out against them. Nonetheless, the singer’s fans remain worried, hoping she will return to clear the air herself. The Go Dung Deh hitmaker made her last post on Instagram in mid-October, bidding her fans, “The Besties,” farewell for now, as she announced that she was taking a break from social media because she was tired of the rumours. However, even in her absence, she still seems to be the subject of malicious rumours.

Watch the video of Minister Marion Hall speaking out below:

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