Mr. G Says Pamputtae’s Manager Threatened Him and Claps Back at Pamputtae for Saying He is “Bad Mind”- Videos

Producer Mr. G has issued a stern warning to Dancehall artiste Pamputtae and her manager, D Mafia Muzik producer Errol Brown, whom he alleges threatened his life. The threat was exposed in a video Mr G shared, responding to Pamputtae’s claims of him being “bad mind” regarding her Ride It music video.

The audio for Ride It was released in 2009 on Mr G’s Wibble Wobble Riddim. 

After the song blew up on TikTok recently, Pamputtae dropped a vibrant music video for the raunchy song on June 30, 2023. On YouTube, the music video has since amassed over 1 million views.

Something apparently happened behind the scenes, as a newly released video features Pamputtae arguing that Mr. G showed little interest in the song and declined to shoot its music video. 

However, according to Pamputtae, Mr. G now wants to claim the video and has threatened to remove her song from his riddim. 

She also said that the producer has been collecting royalties for years for her song.

Watch the video of Pamputtae below:

In response to her claims, Mr. G expressed that he was unaware of her music video’s growing success on YouTube until her manager contacted him.

“Pamputtae, mi not even did know bout yuh views dem until yuh manager call mi last night when mi on mi way home, and him try a chuck a bagga badness, a tell me di most things inna di world, mi affi end up tell him back somethings. Him end up a threaten mi life, a tell mi seh me fi watch mi head, seh him a bad man, and him kill people,” Mr G said.

Mr G, also known as Goofy, denied that he received royalties from her song for years, explaining that his riddim was not on the internet for at least eight years because he had removed it. He noted that she contacted him “a few months ago,” requesting that her song be re-uploaded to the internet.

The producer added that he could sue her for defamation of character and copyright infringement. Later, he mentioned that she should have reached out to his team so that the video could be released through his record label.

“Hear dis, change yuh attitude. Throughout the years, you crossed a lot of producers,” he said. “You is a woman, I am not going to disrespect yuh… Me, bad mind you? Fi wah? One million views?… Keep my name out of your mouth. I do not want to have to take you to court, but I will spend the money fi do it.”

Additionally, Mr. G stated that he saved voice messages from her manager and stated that he does not take threats lightly. He also indicated that if he is ever harmed, Pamputtae and her manager are responsible.

Watch the video of Mr G below:

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