My Sister’s Boyfriend Wants To Have Sex

In a letter seeking advice, a teenage girl expressed her dislike for her sister’s boyfriend who kept asking her for sex. The teen wrote that she is currently living with her eldest sister who is 31-year-old and her brother.

When she went to live with her sister for an opportunity to further her education, the 19-year-old girl didn’t expect that her sister’s boyfriend would constantly be badgering her for sex.


The writer said her sister moved her out of the country and into her home to help her with her education. However, ever since she came to the house, her sister’s boyfriend has been requesting sex.

The unidentified teenager explained that she tried to tell her sister about what the man does but her sister refuses to believe. “I told my sister that he asked me for sex. She said that it was hard for her to believe it,” the girl wrote. “She said that if I got involved with him, she would send me back to the country, because she brought me here to help me.

Even though he continued to ask her for sex, the writer stated that she hasn’t mentioned it to her sister again, fearing she would be forced to leave. She noted that she hasn’t yet started school, but her sister intends to send her to HEART/NSTA Trust.

Also noting that she is a “well-behaved girl”, the teen explained that she loved her sister, who is helping her mother, while her father, who is a farmer is working hard.

As the letter continued she wrote that she misses her boyfriend who lives in the country, but mentioned that he is unable to help her.

“We are the same age and he is learning to do welding. Sometimes the boss doesn’t give him much work,” she stated and added that he didn’t intend to leave the country because “he wants to learn the skill”.


Upon hearing that she told her sister, her sister’s boyfriend called her a “fool”. However, she said she told neither her boyfriend nor her mother, because her mother would want her to return home.


The only other person who knows about her sister’s boyfriend trying to have sex with her is her brother, with who she shares a room at her sister’s house. Adding that her brother is a gentleman, she went on to say that he was angry when she told him about the situation when her sister’s boyfriend requested sex the first time.


“I told my brother and he started to curse and he told me that I should tell my sister what’s going on. He said that if he could afford it, he would move out and get his own place and take me with him,” she wrote.

Additionally, her brother contributed towards rent, groceries and bills. Everything was good at her sister’s house except for the boyfriend. Facing this predicament, the writer sought advice from the Jamaica Star.


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