New Aerial Footage of Montgomery Brawl – Watch Video

Monday, August 7, 2023, 11:08 PM GMT-5

Scenes from the dramatic brawl which took place over the weekend in Montgomery, Alabam is still making rounds online two days later and will seemingly continue for more days to come.

The brawl started as a result of several black people retaliating against a group that beat a black riverboat worker and it has sparked unity amongst black people online with many individuals commenting that they wish they were there to help their fellow black folks.


Many people are also rejoicing because the black individuals managed to overpower the white group who fought valiantly but were outnumbered by people who sought to avenge the black man’s initial beating.

As seen in one of the videos, the worker was trying to get the white group to move their illegally parked pontoon when he was attacked.

Whilst the initial footages show the attack being carried out from a certain angle, new aerial footage has been released, showing what was captured by individuals on top of one of the parked boats.

The infamous chair hits are also shown from an aerial view.

Watch the viral footages below:


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