OUR To Review JPS and NWC’s 15yo Guaranteed Standards for Possible Lower Rates

January 17, 2021

The Office of Utilities and Regulations is moving forward with a plan, to do a total review of the Guaranteed Standards that are currently in place for the Jamaica Public Service, and National Water Commission companies.

According to Collette Goode, the Guaranteed standards for both companies have been in place for over 15 years, and are at the point where they need dire review.


Guaranteed Standard reviews are somewhat of a commonplace for the OUR, as it helps them to decide on new rates that might be more feasible to customers, and the current one set for JPS and the NWC will deal with certain important factors, that will play a big part in the future of the companies in Jamaica.

They will take into consideration the opinion of customers, on whether they think the standards are still of any relevance to them, as well as if any necessary adjustments need to be made to better meet their needs.

Other factors such as customer satisfaction, will be reviewed as well as there will be an in-depth look into the current mechanisms the companies utilize for compensation, to see if any necessary changes are needed.

Different situations will also be reviewed to see the applicability of the Guaranteed standards, especially where it concerns prepaid metering.

The publication of the review will take place sometime in January of this year, and the OUR is urging active JPS and NWC customers to give their feedback, as well as to visit the JPS website at JPSco.com as well as the NWC’s website at NWCJamaica.com.

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