Patient Released From Cornwall Regional After Mass Demand

Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 7:30 PM GMT-5

On Monday morning the Police were alerted to visit the Cornwall Regional Hospital after a group of men went to the hospital demanding that they release a male patient that was admitted to the medical facility.

Based on information coming from the Jamaica Gleaner via an article they initially published about the story, it is understood that 15 persons visited the Accident and Emergency unit for the male patient who has been identified as 25 year Tyrone Broomfield from the community of Mafoota, Mt. Horeb in St. James.


According to a statement posted on the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Twitter page, the Commissioner of Police Clifford Chamber stated that upon reportedly trying to remove the patient and behaving in a boisterous manner, the men were blocked from doing so, however, it is said that they persisted on their motive by letting the staff of the hospital know that Broomfield was not there because of a medical condition but a demon infection.

Upon the Police being called to the Hospital, the Patient was finally released in the custody of his mother.

The Police reported however that there were no weapons drawn at the scene of the hospital while the men were trying to get access to the patient. The Hospital staff also made reports to the Jamaica Gleaner who initially published the story that the nursing staff was also shaken up by the situation although the lawmen would have entered the premises and followed protocols along with gaining assistance from the local security.

Watch the Police Commissioner make a statement on the incident at the Cornwall Regional Hospital below.

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