Pete Davidson Tells Kanye West “I’m In Bed With Your Wife” In Disrespectful Text Messages

March 13, 2022 8:48 PM

Rapper Kanye West is pleading out to God for help as this Sunday a video went viral with a very prayerful ‘Yeezy’ asking for help to save his children and make them attend Sunday service due to what has been happening in his life.

The stimuli to Kanye’s rage came from him getting messages from Pete Davidson about him sleeping with Kim Kardashian and even going to the taunting extent of sending him pictures.


In his holy respects, the rapper spoke to God by letting his creator know that things have reached too far at this point, and he is not about to take any more of Davidson’s bragging. 

See the text message between the two below.


In his prayerful request he ‘Yeezy’ told God that every time he tries to do something positive Kim always hits back with the opposite, from him getting the laptop with the video of Ray Jay and her that found her trying to get back at Kanye with the divorce.

One question that the Father of 4 asked his creator was if Pete is in bed with Kim who is watching their children. With that being said the rapper went on to ask God to make the Nanny bring the children to Sunday school.

Ending his prayer, Kanye went on to show that he was serious by even calling Jesus Christ’s name.


Watch Kanye West talking about the latest events between himself, Kim and Pete below.

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