Popcaan and Quada Jokes about “Lizard” Missing for years – Video

Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 12:14 PM

Popcaan joined Quada on his Instagram live a day ago and the entire session was full of “trouble”. After talking about their comedic friends and Monkeys in Guyana, the topic was switched to Lizards in the Cayman Islands by Quada not expecting Popcaan to react the way he did.

“Mi gad a same suh mi hear dem have some big lizard a Cayman Island” says Quada after which Popcaan replied, “yeah man dem have lizard every weh a just one lizard dem cah find fi years now but the rest a dem deh bout”… Quada joking replied “di res a dem deh deh mi gad”. Watch the viral video clip below.


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Fans are connecting this missing lizard joke to Clive Lizard Williams who was reported killed, according to the police by Vybz kartel, the body is yet to be found.

After watching the chat, one person commented “No body found tho my man’s probably hiding it’s Jamaican way of trying to get rid of controversial artiste since bob marley government try a ting #freeaddi#worl’boss” WHile another said “Popi a one real trouble Meka …an mi think him chat to much”.

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