Prosecutors Against Bail For Beachy Stout

Friday, September 18, 2020, 9:24 PM GMT-5

The second appearance of businessman Everton Mcdonald and his co-accused Asca Barnes resulted in the Director of public prosecutions sending the case directly to the Hom circuit Court for hearing.

Usually, cases of the sort would be handled in the Parish Court to decide if the evidence provided is sufficient to move on however in this second appearance of “Beachy Stout”, and his co-accused it seems as if the prosecution team found sufficient evidence to jump to the Circuit Court.

This would certainly be a logical conclusion as Davelyn Minott, a fisherman previously pleaded guilty and confessed that he was contracted by Stout to kill the businesswoman.

He also stated that he witnessed the murder as it was being done by someone he hired.

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Minott was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the crime.

According to Attorney at law Bert Samuels, Everton Mcdonald and his co-accused had planned a bail application however it happens that they now have to put it off until October 8 since there has been a change in how the case will be handled.

Samuels states that his clients are not happy about the situation.

The case gets interesting after the confession was made by Minott, the prosecutions team has made it clear that they are against bail.

We earlier reported that Tonia Mcdonald was the second wife killed in the last 10 years for Portland Businessman Beachy Stout after his previous wife was shot and killed at her house.

On the other hand, Beachy Stout’s son was also arrested and charged for the killing of his wife, however that took place in the USA. In a story of 2 Jamaicans doing well overseas. Andreen Mcdonald was a successful businesswoman and Manager while her Husband Mr. Mcdonald who’s Beachy’s son was a veteran in the US army.

Andreen’s body went missing for a while before the police could put all the evidence together connecting her husband to the crime.

Andreen Mcdonald and her now arrested husband

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