Queen Ifrica Calls Out Tony Rebel’s Children “Especially Davianah” – Watch Video

Friday, January 5, 2024, 3:21 PM GMT-5

Reggae singer Queen Ifrica has kicked off 2024 with a New Year’s message and a warning, calling out the children of her ex, fellow reggae artiste Tony Rebel.

After spending 23 years with Rebel, Ifrica revealed last year in May that they had been separated for one year and six months. Speaking on their split during a live stream, Ifrica said she left Rebel because he did not desire unity in his family.


UPDATE: Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica Unite to Have Daughter Tanzania Released by the Police – Watch Videos

The artiste has three children: her eldest son, Imeru Tafari, who was born before her relationship with Rebel; her daughter, Tanzania; and her youngest son, Malawi, whom she shares with the entertainer. Despite no longer living with Rebel, Ifrica and her children have seemingly been experiencing friction with members of Rebel’s family.

On Friday, Ifrica took to her Instagram account and advised her fans not to lash out this year but also instructed them not to take any “bullshit” either. Ifrica, who declared that she would not be taking any bullshit from anyone, not even herself, dedicated the rest of her message to Rebel’s children.

UPDATE: Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica Unite to Have Daughter Tanzania Released by the Police – Watch Videos

Ifrica warned her former stepchildren, primarily Rebel’s daughter Davianah, to leave Tanzania alone. Ifrica said that she and her children are no longer around them and demanded that they stop manipulating her daughter.

The Lioness On The Rise singer went on to note that she will still be performing at Rebel Salute because she has always loved the show. But the artiste reiterated that Davianah should leave Tanzania alone.

Prior to Ifrica’s split with Rebel, Davianah had called out both her father and Ifrica on social media, labelling them as “the two biggest hypocrites” she had ever met. She also alleged that both entertainers had degraded her and further criticised her father, suggesting that Rebel had physically assaulted her.

However, Rebel later said he and his daughter were on good terms in 2021, and she performed at Rebel Salute last year.

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