Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica Unite to Have Daughter Tanzania Released by the Police – Watch Videos

Friday, January 5, 2024, 8:14 PM GMT-5

Following Queen Ifrica’s call for Tony Rebel’s children to leave her daughter Tanzania alone, she was apprehended by the police after they were reportedly alerted by one of her sisters.

On Friday, Ifrica shared a video on social media, demanding her former stepchildren, specifically Davianah, to stop manipulating her and Rebel’s eldest child, Tanzania. Ifrica later went live, showing officers from the Matilda’s Corner Police Station at her residence, who then left with her daughter.

According to the reggae singer, her former stepdaughter Dimonah had sent the police to her home, accusing Tanzania of burning a passport. Ifrica also lashed out at Rebel’s son, Abatau, whom she proclaimed during the live stream was the one who should be going to jail.

Ifrica said the police were sent as an intimidation tactic because she refused to be silent. She highlighted that she did not bow down to Rebel’s children behind closed doors and would certainly not do it publicly.

Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel

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Ifrica also shared that she had endured this type of treatment from her stepchildren for years. Despite her bad experiences with his children, Ifrica expressed that she did not wish to condemn Rebel, as he had tried but could not control the people around him.

Ifrica explained that Rebel needed to take control of his domestic life and set boundaries for his children and the women in his life. She went on to accuse Abatau of being a sexual predator and called on Rebel to have him arrested.

Further criticising Dimonah for calling the police, Ifrica appeared disappointed as she shared that she had assisted Dimona even after leaving her father. According to Ifrica, she helped her travel overseas and allowed Dimonah to live with her.

Following her initial livestream, Ifrica went live again on Friday, this time with Rebel, as they appeared to have united to ensure Tanzania’s release from the police station. Ifrica expressed that they were prioritising unity, peace, family, and community this year, a sentiment that was further reinforced by Rebel.

Despite their split, Rebel said he remains a fan of Ifrica and still loves her. He also highlighted that she gave him Tanzania, whom he loves more than himself. As further proof of their renewed unity, both Rebel and Ifrica promoted the upcoming staging of Rebel Salute.

Watch the video below.

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