Queen Ifrica’s Brother Defends Their Father Amid Sexual Assault Allegations, Says She’s Lying

Following allegations made by Queen Ifrica that she was raped by her father, Ska singer Derrick Morgan, the artiste’s brother, Courtney Morgan, has spoken out against her claims, labelling them as lies.

Though she has advocated for the protection of children throughout her career, over the past few years Ifrica has taken an even firmer stance against child abuse. During a recent livestream, the reggae singer shared what inspired her activism and the song Daddy, which spoke out against sexual assault.

Ifrica shared that after spending her childhood without her father, she attempted to develop a relationship with him when she was older. However, while spending a night at Morgan’s home, she was allegedly raped by the singer. Ifrica went on to call out the members of the Morgan family for their lack of support and for protecting her father.

According to Dancehallmag, Courtney spoke out in the comments of a post made by dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas regarding the issue and denied that the incident had happened. Expressing that Ifrica was in need of psychological help, Courtney called for the artiste to stop attacking their father.

Derrick Morgan ( left) and son Courtney Morgan
Image – Dancehallmag

According to Courtney, at the time of the incident, their father was blind and suffering from neurological issues that impaired his movements. Courtney said Ifrica and his father met less than three times, and he would not have been capable of raping her due to his condition. Courtney shared that his sister had told him about the incident, but her story was allegedly “all over the place,” and he advised her to seek psychiatric help.

Courtney, who is a medical doctor, said his advice was given from a medical perspective, but Ifrica took it as a threat, so he has been ignoring her since. However, other members of the Morgan family have reportedly reached out to her. In regards to their father inspiring her single Daddy, Courtney said Ifrica told him and his family that it was about her stepfather.

“She did express to us that she was raped and molested by her stepfather that she grew up with, and that’s why she wrote that song. Now she attacks my dad (because) she’s bitter that he wasn’t there for her,” Courtney stated.

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