Robbery Suspects Caught in St. Thomas Thanks to Empty Car Tank

At around 7:30 AM on Wednesday, November 3, a police officer was driving along the Pomfret main road in his personal vehicle when he spotted two men, one of whom was carrying a plastic bottle filled with gas. The officer recognized one of the men.

Reportedly, two motorcycles were stolen from farmers in Golden Grove, St. Thomas between the hours of 10 PM on Tuesday night and 6 AM Wednesday morning. The farmers to whom the bikes belong had parked them in their yards before turning in for the night, however, they were missing come morning. Five individuals were accosted following the incident. One of the men is reportedly wanted in connection to a murder.

According to a lawman’s account, he spotted two men walking along the road with a bottle of petrol, and upon recognizing one of them, he seized them and passed them off to a working patrol unit that happened to pass by.

The unit then took the men to their destination along the Pomfret main road where they Found three others waiting in a parked car. The car turned out to be a white Toyota Probox motor car that had been stolen, and the missing bikes that belonged to the Golden Grove farmers were also aboard the vehicle.

Apparently, the car the men were escaping in had run out of gas, and two of the suspects left to get some at a nearby gas station. All five individuals were detained and taken to the Yallahs Police Station. None of the men’s identities has been divulged as none of them has been charged.

Subsequent to the men being taken into custody, the owners of the motorbikes were called into the station, with the suspects present, to identify and collect their respective two-wheeled drives.

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