Shawn Storm Shows Appreciation To “Gazanation” Supporters

Saturday, June 15, 2024, 9:59 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Shawn Campbell who has been behind bars for over a decade is hoping for the best come Tuesday, June 18 when his pre-trial hearing is expected to conclude. Campbell who is more commonly known as Shawn Storm is putting “God” at the helm as he looks for a favourable ruling.

Friday night he shared a story that features audio from one of his songs titled “Kingston Ice” ft. Chronic Law, in which he calls out the “Jamaica System”. The song features lyrics such as “Jamaica system don’t spend the time fi properly guh through a case…”:

Some more lyrics from the song, “dem just rush case, judge case and send man come a prison… mi neva shoot nuh body and mi mean it… a nuh me shot the man inna him farid, mi swear.”

The story that was shared on Instagram also had the following text, “Gazanation Tuesday again God is wid us,” along with a prayer emoji, showing optimism as usual.

More of the text includes, “Mi truly appreciate all who a pray wid us $ for us in these testing times.” The story also features himself and Vybz Kartel walking side-by-side outside court in Kingston.

On the other hand, since the pre-trial hearing started last Monday, Vybz Kartel has not spoken via social media on the matter, in recent times, especially after the Appeal win at the UK Privy Council he was vocal on social media.

Back in May of this year, Shawn Storm also spoke out against the ‘system’, naming The former DPP in a statement, “Paula, memba u and u “unlearned” friend dem get whole heap a money fi sink kartel dem eno. Including jamaica dutty corruption police dem,” he stated.

The statement continued, “That’s why from the jump, unuh violate constitutional rights, privacy rights, tamper with phone/video evidence, coach witness and alter cell site information. But God nuh like ugly , the same privy council show the world say unuh is a bunch of criminals!!!!”

And, “That’s why unuh wah run to CCJ, so unuh can cookup the citizens weh unuh no like. But a di same hungry belly ppl dem weh a run backa unuh, a fi dem poverty pickney dem a go suffer! So mek dem gwaan run back a unuh wid dem waggonist mentality Choo dem nuh like Vybz Kartel. Cause Kartel can afford it, but they can’t.”


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