Shenseea Reminds Us Of When Kartel Sang Freaky Songs And Got Support

Shenseea is not an artiste that usually goes live very often, however, since recently the female Dancehall mogul has been doing just that with the promotion of her new song entitled “Lick” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Shen Yeng has been making a lot of comments on the song and its relevance in this time, to the point where even the “Gaza Boss’s” name got mentioned. While the promotion of her new track was at its peak, the entertainer made an Instagram post pushing it out to her fans however, that post was greeted with a “yyyyyyyy” as a comment of disagreement from Popcaan, which was also liked by Vybz Kartel.

In one of the “Lick” promotion lives that Shenseea was doing though, she made it clear that Vybz Kartel had a whole era to himself where he was doing songs of similar nature including “Freaky Gyal” parts 1, 2, and 3, which gained wide popularity in Jamaica regardless of oral sex at the time being a tabooed subject matter to speak about.

Since then the deejay has been recognized to be the person who has been pushing Dancehall music to its limits, but it seems as if Shenseea is hoping to surpass that as she is fully basking in the release of “Lick”, that even saw her informing her fans that she loves a big penis, however, that alone will not do and so she let her male fans know in the Instagram live video that oral sex should be a priority of theirs. 

In one of the promotional live videos, Shenseea gave a little background on the song, letting it known that the concept was developed by a producer called “Murda”, and she ran with it. Upon hearing the sample in the song though, it seems as if some people believed that the entertainer might have placed herself in copyright trouble due to the sample used.

However, she cleared things up to let it known that her team had properly cleared it but also continued by letting it out of the bag that negative reasonings like her not having permission for the sample and using it is why a lot of Americans do not get along with Caribbean people.


The comment was made by Shenseea while utilizing an American accent, which resulted in her getting a lot of backlash for what she said and the way she said it. What we have not heard a backlash for as yet though, is she using Vybz Kartel’s name amid her freaky song promotion as a reference which causes one to wonder if the “Teacha” is ok with the entire thing, and just supported Popcaan’s comment based on the vibes of the moment. 

We will have to wait and see if the Gaza deejay sends out a message tackling the “Shengyeng” leader to not call his well-respected name, or continues to give her the way she needs to change the music in a similar way to what he did, years ago.

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