Sizzla Kalonji Approaches The End of 13 City Japan Everlasting Tour

As Sizzla Kalonji approaches the end of his 13 City Japan Everlasting Tour, he has been nominated for two awards at the 40th Anniversary of IRAWMA. With 3 shows left of performing in cities like Ibaraki, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Sizzla fans have been full of joy and excitement as he and Al Pachino Music, Breadback Productions, and 868 Music rock Reggae throughout Japan.

“The tour in Japan is going fantastically well and I am very pleased, the people have come out to see me and it has been many years since I have been to Japan. This has been a great opportunity to connect with my fans in Asia and enjoy the beautiful Japanese culture,” expresses Sizzla Kalonji.  All the venues of the tour have been sold out powered by Ya Low Production.

The connection with Japanese band Homegrown was dynamic, as they backed the Reggae Legend on two shows.  According to manager, Homer Harris, “I don’t have to say much about the band, they love Sizzla and they have been rehearsing Sizzla’s songs for years.  So, it didn’t come to any surprise that when they backed him, they didn’t need much rehearsal because they already knew most of his songs.  They had played his songs and rehearsed his songs many times over the years, and that’s why it came over so wonderful.”  

While in Japan as Sizzla mashes up the place, in Jamaica the International Reggae And World Music Awards has given Sizzla Kalonji two nominations in the area of Most Cultural/Education Entertainer and Best Song.  The night of the awards, Sizzla will be doing his last performance on his Japan Tour in Hiroshima where he will share love, joy, healing, Rastafari and inspiration. However, Mr. Homer Harris will be attending in his absence.

Returning to Jamaica after 5 years from overcoming open heart bypass surgery, Mr. Harris is obliged and honored to be able to represent his musical son at IRAWMA, who he named Sizzla as a young boy.  Sizzla now a stalwart and Reggae Icon in the world, Harris conveys his joy, “It is an honor and appreciation for Sizzla’s nomination and we give thanks to the Most High Emperor Haile Selassie I. Sizzla has used his musical gifts to share with humanity and it has been a beautiful journey to watch the impact that he has made on the world.”

Mr. Harris feels that the Music Industry in Jamaica has changed, “There is not enough substance in the music, not enough managers to guide the artist and too many damagers.  They are trying to break Reggae Music and bring in all the talk about dancehall, when they should be talking about Reggae which should be being used to educate, share the history of Black people around the world, care for the needy, and spread upliftment. I see them trying to dismantle the three R’s and that is Reggae, Rastafari and Righteousness.”

Currently Kalonji Music and Lead Out Productions are promoting Sizzla’s RUN TINGZ album produced by $paceAgeRasta and co-produced by Scur Lowe, Jason Hammer, Puri Fya and Sizzla Kalonji himself.  This album is an expression of Sizzla’s effortless but firm, fluent creativity and stylistic look into the past and future. For interviews or more information contact International Publicist, Olimatta Taal 347-474-8274, Pictures by Bull Power and Illustration by Fat-Smith.

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