Team Spice Seemingly Broke Up

December 20, 2020 12:39 PM

There have been some rifts, in the Team Spice camp, after some of the dancers complained about being underpaid.

The matter got escalated when selector Richie Feelings, commented on the matter via his Instagram live, after apparently hearing the dancers’ opinions on social media.


His point of the conversation was that they were ungrateful to Spice for all that she has done for them.

The Queen of the dancehall did not hesitate to agree with Richie Feelings and even brought her receipts, to clarify the matter once and for all.

She took to her Instagram live and allowed the fans to see for themselves that, she was not only paying the dancers $2000 as was said by, one of her girls, by the name of TC.

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To put clarity to the situation, Spice said she took care of most things like transportation, alcohol and clothes for the girls.

She also stated that it cost her at least $100,000 a week, and up to $500,000 a month to keep the girls on the road.


The “Cool it down”, artiste also said that per week she pays the dancers $15000, stating that she was not a big company but still makes her effort.

Spice did also make it known on the live, that for Us tours the dancers were properly compensated with sums of money, up to $700 and for England tours $1000.

The entertainer did also show receipts for the transactions which could show sums of money, reflecting what she said they were paid.


Previously TC had said the dancers used to perform for $2000JMD and that was what got Spice all fired up.

The dancer expressed hurt over the matter since being referred to as ungrateful by Richie Feelings and stated that Spice should have said something to her as they have a relationship in which they can talk.


Spice is against that move and says the dancers, should reach out to her to defend their interest.

Dancing Rebel had also commented on the matter stating that, in the past, they might have been issues with the pay but she always encouraged the girls to do extra things to top it up.

She also said she could not have been ungrateful to Spice.

All of the dancers who were apart of the team have seemingly removed association to “team spice” from thier social media pages.

Many are wondering if this is the end of the popular dance group, but we will need to wait and see.

See Spice’s latest live below.

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