Terro Don Exposes Silk Boss

Sunday, March 20, 2022, 3:00 PM GMT-5

Returning with receipts to show that Silk Boss lied in the interview with The Fix, Terro Don released a video on his Youtube channel to explain his side of the story.

As he began his side of the story, video clips of Silk Boss saying Terro told him YouTube didn’t pay was replayed. Following these clips, Terro gave his explanation and displayed screenshots of the conversation he had with Silk Boss in December 2021.


In the messages shown, Silk Boss questioned Terro about how YouTube worked, to which Terro indicated that he didn’t understand the question. Silk Boss then followed up asking if Terro wasn’t receiving any money for views and subscriptions. Terro explained in the messages to Silk Boss that persons got paid from YouTube when the content was not copyrighted.

“Yes you get pay when the ting dem is not copyright. Like vlog and dem ting deh. Or songs and video weh nuh copyright. You only get pay for when your video is monetised and people watch the ads,” Terro wrote in a series of messages.

Following these messages, Silk Boss explained that he saw his girlfriend receive “70 add thousand” from YouTube the previous day and he questioned Terro if his channel wasn’t monetized. Terro confirmed that the channel was monetized but the music was copyrighted. In another series of messages, Terro went on to explain that all of the content they uploaded on Youtube had a copyright claim, whereas the content that Brii uploaded did not have a copyright claim.

Terro also pointed out that Silk Boss did not say $70,000 in the interview, he claimed it was $90,000+ Brii made. Another lie Terro pointed out was that he told Silk Boss that his channel made $191USD, but on The Flix, Silk Boss said Terro claimed the channel made $120USD.

Terro Don, who was very upset in the video, said that Silk Boss was telling lies and couldn’t remember them. Referring to Brii as a “Picky Picky head gyal” he also said that she was the one telling Silk Boss the wrong information.

“She lack a knowledge, she don’t know what’s wrong from right, she don’t know the difference between copyright and non-copyrighted content,” he stated.

According to Terro, Silk Boss was being influenced by Brii all because of love.

“True is a girl weh him lay down wid a night time, him tink seh she a tell him di truth, when she just a fuck up di business and mek him pree corrupt gainst di person dem weh check fi him,” Terro added.

The following message from Silk Boss said that he did some research so he knew YouTube pays. Silk Boss also added in a voice message that no one didn’t tell him anything because he was doing his research. Terro also pointed out that Silk Boss lied about this because on The Flix he confirmed that Brii told him.

As Terro Don’s video continued he claimed that he and Silk Boss had the same login for youtube, which was included in the messages. Earlier, Silk Boss stated that he could not upload any video to youtube because Terro didn’t authorize him on the account to upload videos. Terro responded by saying that Silk Boss could do the same things he could on the account and it was obvious that Silk Boss didn’t trust him because he is following what people said instead of finding out how things were on his own.

Terro Don later mentioned that Silk Boss, who had revealed in the messages that he went to a physician and was guard up, could tell lies and make it sound convincing because of the tone and emotion he used.

Terro claimed that Silk Boss was focusing on the wrong things instead of keeping his focus on the music, and told many lies. Terror stated that Silk Boss have two talents and those were singing and lying.

Terro Don admitted that he blocked Silk Boss out of YouTube and Instagram by changing the passwords. Terro Don claimed that he barred Silk Boss from the account because Silk Boss, being his “immature” self, was likely to post about the issue they had. Terro stated that it wasn’t the first time he took over Silk Boss’ youtube and Instagram, but on that last occasion, Brii posted about it.

According to Terro, the reason for blocking Silk Boss out of youtube was because Silk Boss was a very spiteful person who would delete the videos that people paid for just to ruin Terro.

Subsequently, Terro said that Silk Boss lied about the leaked sex video. Silk Boss had stated on The Fix that Terro had access to his Google Photos, which was where he got the video. However, Terro explained that since Silk Boss met Brii he had upgraded to an iPhone, so his photos would’ve been on iCloud and not google photos. He said there was no way for him to get access to the video.

In regards to the leaked audio, Terror Don said Silk Boss and Brii lied about what happened. He said the audio clearly indicated Brii was getting hit, but on The Fix she said he was squeezing her hand. The Vlogger also accused Brii of lying so she could keep getting Silk Boss’ money.

Terro continued by saying Silk Boss and his girlfriend didn’t secure their phones with a password and “people” always had it or it was left somewhere “careless”. He also claimed that the couple released the sex tape and the audio themselves to promote their music.

Terro also stated that Silk Boss lied to him about not being signed to any record label, but later he revealed that he was signed to Shabria Entertainment, who Silk Boss is also said to have told many lies on. Additionally to being signed, Silk Boss reportedly lied about not voicing certain songs for others that Terro Don made his record, only to later find out that Silk Boss already did those songs for Shabria Entertainment. Terro added that the song Misunderstanding was also released by Shabria Entertainment, not him.

Finally, Terro posed the question, why would he ruin Silk Boss’ career when Silk Boss’ success also meant that his credibility, portfolio as a manager/producer would also show success.

Watch Terro Don’s video below.

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