Tommy Lee addresses recent lock-up “Ghetto Cry”

Saturday, September 19, 2020, 10:21 AM GMT-5

Mobay deejay Tommy Lee Sparta is putting some light on his recent run-in with the Jamaica police and also highlights what many youths in his position go through when they are classified as a don.

According to Tommy Lee Sparta he does good for his community and “send likkle youths” to school but because of this, he is targeted by the police and called an area leader.


Tommy Lee Sparta recently opened up in an interview that his most embarrassing moment in life was when the police released a picture of Sparta deejay in his underwear while in a prison lockup, he did not like it when they also tried to label him as an informant. Now his lawyer has stated that they will be suing the state after Tommy’s most recent lockup for weeks without being charged.

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In this release Uncle Demon explains that the youths in the ghetto gets the most fight and even when he stays away from trouble, trouble still finds him, recalling recently when the Police called him in for a meeting.

Tommy lee also showed deep emotions in the song, wailing about ghetto youths issues and not being able to obtain visa to fly abroad. He did not stop there, “Mi feel it fi di yeng yeng bikers” Sings Lee amidst the ongoing debate to band the noisy motorcycles in Jamaica.

Released September 2020, the track was produced by Boss Lady Muzik / YB Records / Dre Swade Production.

SOME LYRICS “Ghetto youths open up yo eyes the system a use craft and style… the ghetto cry”

Listen the emotional song below.

Had it not been for the general election which ended SOE, Tommy Lee seemingly would still be in Lockup until the permitted 90 days without charge based on SOE policies.

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