Toots Burial To Take Place In Clarendon

Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 9:55 AM GMT-5

Reggae legend Toots Hibbert, as announced by his daughter Jenieve Bailey will be buried in May Pen Clarendon, the hometown of the famous reggae singer.

The name “Maytals” was taken from where he originated in May Pen, Clarendon hence we do believe that the Reggae legend has a profound love for his community which would most likely be his favoured place to be rested.

The funeral date has not been announced by the family however, preparations are in place to lay the cultural hero to rest in a dignified manner.

Bailey stated that there is a lot on their plate at this time where the funeral is concerned, as they have to be keeping up with the Covid-19 protocols. She also stated that due to the pandemic, there is not going to be any nine-night.

Toots is well known for his globally renowned, hit songs such as”bam bam”; ” monkey man” and others. Together with his reggae band, “The Maytals” have won many festival song competitions as well as a 2005 Grammy award.

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Since the passing of the reggae singer, there have been many requests for his burial place to be located at the National Heroes’ Park however Minister Olivia Grange has stated that at this time, there is a ruling decision to reserve spots in the park exclusively for Prime Ministers.

She, however, recognized the contributions of Toots to the music by acknowledging that he helped Jamaican music to grow.

Toots recently release an album titled “Got To Be Tough” which was his first album in over 10 years. This new album features Ziggy Marley on a new remix of ‘Three Little Birds’ because this was one of his favourite Bob Marley songs.

The immaculate singer started his career in the ’60s by participating with his band The Maytals in the national festival competitions at the time.

The difference that Hibbert brought to the music industry resonated with the Jamaican population as according to a former competitor in the Jamaican festival song competition, Tommy Cowan, the legendary singer did music that “touched the soul”.

“Do The Reggae” released in 1968 by Toots and The Maytals was integral in the shaping of the genre and also moving it forward as he was the face of the music telling everyone to “do the reggae”.

Toots Hibbert was born on December 8 back in 1942.

Hibberts was in a medically induced Coma at the University Hospital of the West Indies were he also reportedly did a COVID-19 test after experiencing respiratory difficulties. Toots Hibbert passed away at the age of 77 from COVID 19 complications on September 11 and will be sadly missed by fans worldwide.

Even though a burial date is not made public as yet, it’s expected to be early to mid October 2020.

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