Usain Bolt Earning Millions Regardless Of Retirement

2022 is gearing up to be a great year for many athletes with sporting events getting back to normal, allowing them to make more money and get great endorsements.

Even though retired, one former athlete that should be taken into consideration when the big net worth talk is being rallied on the tongues of track athletes is Usain Bolt who has stamped his way in world history as the fastest man to ever sprint.

The now businessman and producer is the current world record holder and an 8-time gold medalist which means that in his time on the track, his pockets had to be overflowing due to his masterful achievements.

According to the Essentially Sports website, Usain Bolt currently boasts a net worth of $100 million, which only seems to be going up even though he is now retired.

In his time on the track, the legend has earned a lot from endorsements, with 2016 being one of his biggest years for such with Puma signing him on a £7,750,000 a year deal and Gatorade also funding him at £2-3,000,000 a year with a bonus each time he takes a picture with their product. In the same year of 2016, while lightning Bolt was striking all the races with wins he received $2.5 million each time he did just that.

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Bolt has also been the subject of endorsements via the hands of Virgin Media, Visa, Digicel, Soul Electronics, and Hublot which means that even though his network is considered to be $100 million, the former track enigma might be well over that. 


Considering the great achievements of Usain, there are only a few athletes who can say that they are of any competition to him however the likes of Roger Federer must be mentioned as he has a striking $550 million net worth earning from his sport of tennis, and total ATP career earnings of $129 million with 1 billion dollars as a result of endorsements which is indeed remarkable.

Another great name to mention in the field of sports where net worth is considered is Mike Tyson who although has a net worth of $3 million at the time, was at $300 million at the height of his boxing career until it dwindled due to high-value purchases of Mansions, cars, jewelry which led to him becoming bankrupt.

Federer still plays tennis, while Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt are retired so in real reasoning the former track star might just be the most impressive considering that he is no longer active in the sport and is still making millions.

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