Woman Has Sex With Two Different Men In One Day

Saturday, March 5, 2022, 6:57 PM GMT-5

The initial plan was only to meet up with a group of friends, but the anonymous writer revealed that she ended up having sex with a member of the group and then later had sex again with her boyfriend.

In a recent confession to Tell Me Pastor, a young woman wrote about a sexual experience she had with two guys on the same day when she was a sixth form student.

The dedicated reader of the column wrote that she is a 21-year-old church-going female who currently does not have a “steady boyfriend”. Previously she had boyfriends and she became sexually active when she was in the sixth form.

The young woman noted that her sexual experience with two different guys on the same day happened when she was in the lower sixth form. After she had sex with the two guys at two different times of the day, one of the boys told his friends that they had sex and she denied it. The writer stated that she argued with the guy and left him, but it was too late because the rumour began circulating about their sexual encounter. 

The rumour, spreading like wildfire, also reached the ears of her mother, who questioned her if it was true.

“The guy with whom I had sex was not even my type,” she said.

According to the Writer’s description, she and a group of students arranged a meeting, but the only person who came to the location they agreed on was the guy. They began kissing, he told her that he “always admired her,” and they ended up having sex.

Later that day when it was time to go home, her boyfriend picked her up, carried her to their famous spot, which was a motel, and they had sex.

Following the outbreak of the rumour, her boyfriend discovered she had sex with the other guy and he called her a “slut”.

Subsequently, they broke up, but they rekindled their relationship two years ago. As they have apparently moved past what had happened, however, the writer’s current concern is him travelling aboard.

“He is planning to leave me to go to America. His people are living there. I do not want him to go, “ she stated.

She continued by saying he already has a green card but his plans are not to live in America permanently. Being that he wanted to be an engineer, he wanted to travel and then return to the island to marry her as soon as he gets a job. She added that his parents have been overseas for many years.

The letter went on to detail the young woman’s dreams of attending university. However, being that she didn’t have the resources to further her education in Jamaica, she would agree to travel to America.

As the letter concluded she noted that she didn’t know his family and, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they didn’t go out often. She went on to say that she doesn’t currently work, but he assists her. Lastly, she asked for advice as she explained that she is really confused about what to do.

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