Beenie Man Outlines why Yelloman nor Kartel can’t take his “King Of The Dancehall” Crown

October 9, 2020 9:17 AM

Several Dancehalls kings have made their name and have gained popularity, but Beenie Man, the titan of the Dancehall, still believes that he is the King beating other kings such as Vybz Kartel and others. The undisputed King has been crowned for being unbeatable and unmatchable, and we agree with all his fans because Beenie’s contribution is something that we cannot deny.

Beenie, who is known for his humorous talking, talked to the YouTuber Teach Dam and reasoned his stance by elaborating it with a humorous effect. Beanie mentioned about his achievements and stated that the reigning legends must compete with him when it comes to their life’s work.


He also talked about the newcomers who are trying to take the top spot. Beenie is not flustered with the youth giving him any competition because he believes that he has got what it takes to reign as King. He further said that that I need to go down for them to take my spot.

Beenie outlines that he has many songs that ended up in Billboard Top 10, he also had the number one spot at one point hence it would be hard for a newcomer to match up to his level. The youngsters should consider him an idol and must get inspired by him.

King Yellowman was critically analyzing Beenie’s remark for his hit song in 1982. The hit his song called zunguzung appeared on the forthcoming tribute project by Jeremy Harding. King Yellowman openly showed his displeasure that he would have liked Shaggy or Sean Paul singing his song instead of Beenie. He thought maybe Beenie is trying to get attention for what he doesn’t deserve. Yellowman claimed that it seems that a common mango person is trying to be East Indian.

Beenie Man had different things to say. He respects Yellowman for the kind of work he is doing and defends himself as well. He did read what Yellowman had to say about the common mango thing, but Beenie believes he isn’t a common mango as he has won a Grammy Award already. He said that he isn’t East Indian mango either as he is from the West so he is a West Indian mango.

Beenie also said no matter how much Yellowman disrespects him; he won’t do that in return. The honor and respect he has for himself; he feels the same for other artists too. However, it seems that the controversy that is going on between the two artists won’t die down anytime soon. Beenie also claimed that nothing is wrong between him and Yellowman.

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On the other hand, Portmore deejay Vybz Kartel outlines that he is the current King of the dancehall and dismisses Beenie Man as the fallen King.

In closing his interview Beenie Man explains that if the other artistes win a Grammy plus make as many number one songs has him which currently total to almost 200, then they can walk in his Kingly shoes.

Beenie Man recently lost his mother affectionately known as “Mama Lilieth”. While on a more positive note he recently celebrated his daughter’s 2nd birthday and is looking to drop his new album “SLIMMA”.


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