Did JLP Steal Money to Win The Elections?

Monday, September 7, 2020, 10:59 AM

KD Knight is launching some very serious accusations against the Jamaica Labour party that might raise the eyebrows of many Jamaicans as he is claiming that the political party stole money from the people to push themselves into the victory seat.

The former opposition senator made it clear that donations were made to the political parties however the money that the JLP used in their campaigns was not given to them out of generosity.


According to the Queen’s council, 14 billion dollars was stolen from the Jamaican public by the Labour party which he said when broken down would equate to 4.6 million dollars being taken from every Jamaican and he refers to the act as a regression into slavery.

This time according to the former politician, it is not the white man who is buying the black man but the black man who is putting themselves up for sale.

He further mentioned that there will come a time when the people will regret it also noting that for the constituency of North Eastern St. Catherine there will be no member of parliament representing the area unless they are very rich, somehow manipulating the people to make themselves richer.

In a very sorrowful tone, KD Knight referred to a statement that many JLP members seem to have at the tip of their tongues that “Michael Manley time done”.

Michael was well known in his time as the leader of the People’s National who’s agenda was to establish a social democracy that allowed the people to have more input in the country’s decision making processes.

Listen to full voicenote below.


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