Funeral Service Crashed By Couple

Friday, December 31, 2021, 8:24 AM GMT-5

A funeral service that was put on by a St. Elizabeth family was turned upside down after a couple decided to have sex during the event. The funeral service was being held for an 80-year-old father who was well respected by his family and what took place was regarded as very disrespectful.

The service was being held online via Zoom and had over 80 people in attendance. Reports are the service was on the way when a couple who joined decided to have sex seemingly with no knowledge that their camera was on, causing the attendants to be distracted by the sexual endeavours that were taking place right in front of their eyes

The horny couple proceeded to have sex for over 20 minutes without any interruption, Rayon, the deceased son who spoke to the Jamaica Star stated, “My father was a really respectable man and we did everything to ensure that he got the funeral he deserved. So when I watch the videos that were sent to me I was really angry.”

“Persons were distracted and they saw it and was even trying to beckon to them that their camera was on and they should close it. Persons said they were also trying to inbox the person who had logged on but they were so caught up that they didn’t realise,” Rayon said.

He went on to outline that the individual that was the host of the Zoom meeting did not notice the sexual acts being performed until it was too late. Rayon detailed that he is unaware of who the couple is because he shared the meeting with many persons via social media before the service started.


He concluded by expressing that he was unsure whether or not the act was intentional or a mistake, but he admits that the grieving family is angry about what happened.

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