Mackerel and Baby Father ‘Rice’ Entangled in Big Argument Again During Chaotic Live Stream “You is a wicked bloodcl**t gyal” – Watch Video

Tuesday, December 19, 2023, 3:15 PM GMT-5

An explosive livestream saw Mackerel and her ex-boyfriend Tyrone, who goes by the name Rice, heatedly bickering about their newly ended, tumultuous relationship that was allegedly laced with cheating and physical abuse. These allegations were shared during their public spat on TikTok when a TikToker was seemingly trying to uncover the root of their issues, involving a female known as Perfect.

Perfect, who he initially said was his friend and later revealed to be his new girlfriend, is the iceberg that their relationship collided into. Their sinking relationship has been unravelling on the internet for all to see, with accusations thrown left and right.

According to Mackerel, Rice stole money from her account to buy a plane ticket to leave the country, and she was demanding he return the money. Another accusation details how Rice kicked out Mackerel while she was pregnant to be with a 15-year-old girl. This allegation brought Mackerel to tears, but Rice refuted her claims.

“You is a wicked bloodcl**t gyal, Laddi… So all a dat happen but yuh still siddung… You cyah come tell no lie pan mi me mi feel no way,” Rice stated. During the boisterous live stream, he also said, “Mi find a different hole fi go inna, a dat a di problem. Mi nuh want your hole nuh more.”

The issue Rice presented was that he was being belittled by the mother of his child simply because she was making all the money. He argued that Mackerel, legally named Ladaisha Francis, had neglected her household duties, and she would do and wear whatever she wanted without considering his feelings.

Picture of Mackerel

“A dat is the problem, mi nuh suppose to have nuh talk. If mi look pan har and seh ‘yuh know seh mi have a problem wid dis,’ [she says], ‘everything yuh have a problem wid…mi affi go, mi affi look it’ [so] mi nah siddung inna dat,” Rice stated.

“But me fi siddung wid a bwoy weh nah give me notting, a lick lick me,” Mackerel retorted.
While Rice tried to play it down by indicating that he had not laid a finger on her in years, the ‘tek people man’ viral sensation contended that her boyfriend had attacked her not long ago when she confronted him about TikToker Perfect.

According to Mackerel, she was holding their baby during their dispute, and her ex-boyfriend still attacked her, leaving her with blood oozing from her head.

The livestream became even more chaotic when a female friend of Rice joined the live chat to defend her friend by going toe-to-toe with Mackerel. The female claimed she was also having sex with Rice, who denied sleeping with her.

Watch the video of Mackerel and Rice below:

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