Mackerel Goes Off on Her Baby Father on Live “mi neva gi yuh nuh jacket!” – Watch Videos

Thursday, December 14, 2023, 6:03 PM GMT-5

Social media personality Ladesha Francis, commonly known as Mackerel, was hysterical during a live stream as her relationship problems with Rice erupted online. The relationship crisis that the two are facing involves another female, whom Rice reportedly said is his friend.

However, Mackerel, through her screams and tears, contends that her boyfriend puts that special friend above the child they share. 

“Do you talk to your son every single day? When last yuh hear from your son?” Mackerel yelled at her ex-boyfriend. “Yuh put woman ova yuh son! Yuh woman ova yuh pickney!… Mi neva give yuh nuh jacket. Him nah raffle. When last yuh talk to yuh son?”

Responding to Mackerel’s accusations of being an absent father, Rice said, “Mi deh inna my son life every single day. Every day mi look pan dis girl and mi seh Laddy nuh matta weh mi and you have, we ago do dis fi we child….Don’t come pan di media now, Laddy, and come try talk bout yuh choose woman ova yuh son.”

Mackerel and her Baby Father

During the boisterous livestream, in which others were actively listening and sharing their two cents, Mackerel insisted that all her baby father wanted to do was speak on the phone in the wee hours of the night with the other female, who was identified as a TikToker named Perfect.

Adding salt to her wounds, Rice’s TikTok username was even changed to “Fada Perfection.”

The couple has been together for over five years and has faced multiple hardships. After suffering another blow, their relationship apparently ended when Rice called quits due to Mackerel allegedly mistreating him because she was the breadwinner.

According to Rice, Mackerel had stopped performing multiple household duties, including cooking and washing. He also said that Mackerel ceased having sex with him.

Watch the videos of Mackerel arguing with Rice below:

Later, Rice hopped on a live stream of his own and announced that their “Mackerel and Rice” relationship was over. “There is no more relationship. Let me put that out there, let me mek the whole world know…. There is no Mackerel and Rice,” he said, adding that all they shared now was a child and nothing more. 

Watch the video of Rice below:

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